I must start this new post with a WOW! I never realised how long it has been since I wrote my last post. It has been a very long time.

I have to say i’m the barer of good news. Even though my updates on here were slacking, i have kept up my dieting and fitness stuff and I got down to half my target weight. Which I am over the moon with and it all fitted together nicely as dieting helped me to exercise easier, and exercising regularly kept me off craving bad food.

I stopped dieting for a bit over the summer as I hit a diet mental breakdown. It was about February/March time and i started flagging.  it just felt like my whole life was one big diet, and I had been on it all my life. I had been on it for about a year at this point, which i do think mentally is a while with no week off. So I had a holiday to Spain in June and I decided I would diet up until then, and get back on it in September.

On my time off I fluctuated a small bit, but it worked out I put on about 5lbs (uk weight) which i think is bloomin fantastic over 3months. To be honest even though i was off the diet, i still had a little dude sat on my shoulder telling me to watch what I ate. This was good as it gave me time to pig out on what i fancied, but never went over board. That was enough to give my diet brain a massive relax and boost, to carry on with the next stage of weight loss.

As soon as September hit and the kids were back in school (I don’t have kids yet, but i love a quiet swimming pool) I got back my swimming routine. This time I can only do twice a week (Mon & Fri), as my local pool does women only water aerobics on monday nights. This is a bit of a shame, but  hey ho. I also started back properly playing sledge hockey. I played most of my life, but the past few years i took some time out as i just needed a break from it. Plus our team was in a transitional period where old players & staff left, new people come in etc.. if your wondering what sledge hockey is all about see pic of me below, its a form of ice hockey, sat on a sledge, for disabled people.

Back On Ice

Something I did this week was I had to backup my hard drive onto another hard drive (trust me i learnt the hard way and a lot of tears are made when  data is lost forever) and I went through all my old photos. I made a separate folder on my computer for photos before i started my diet, to ones recently, and I can see how far I have come. Once i’m at my target weight ill upload them, but for now they can stay put. But it is a good confidence booster to visually see that you are going the right way.

I think thats everything in my update i can think of so far. I’m back swimming and playing hockey, back on the diet after a long break off, and absolutely loving life! chat to you soon, take care!


Arrrrgh!!! i must apologise for not writing on here for ages. Work commitments have kicked my ass and I’ve not had a minute to breath! haha!!

My weight loss has been going down fantastically well. Ive weighed every Sunday and i am currently at 12st 9lb. which is a loss of 7lb so far. It doesn’t seem a lot but its actually noticeable now and people have started to comment that I’ve lost a small amount. So its going fantastic!.

Ive not changed my eating style, I’ve still kept to a good breakfast (250 cals), small lunch(250 cals), big tea (500 cals). Im not going to lie I’ve had the odd bad dish. e.g chip shop, or mc donalds etc.. but I’ve worked the calories into my daily allowance and made sure i keep to them for the rest of the week. Drink wise I’ve kept to the water, or I’ve had 2 coffees per day with one sugar so only 2 sugars in my coffees per day.

Doing a small amount of exercise on my exercise bike has helped build up my leg muscles. Ive found that its helped my balance and also with loosing weight I feel like I’m walking lighter. This is helping me want to do more walking, and exercise. its all a building up thing i guess. But my doctor still won’t let me do any major exercising at the moment until my blood pressure and heart rate is sorted. I’m not going to lie, i can’t wait to be allowed to train again properly!. haha

So for now its just a case of keep going, and keep at it, as the weight is coming down slowly and surely. Ive set a small goal for a christmas weight, then at christmas ill set one for easter, then ill be on the last road to my target weight and it shouldn’t be too long after easter.

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I know this is a weight loss blog, but I have to write a post on the rugby world cup. I am born and bred Welsh and even though we have had our ups and downs, Rugby is Wales’s main sport. We are a rugby country. After outstanding determination and commitment we have booked ourselves a place in the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand by winning a hard game against Ireland.

The Semi-final is against France, and its going to be one tough game. Back in Cardiff, the Millennium Stadium will be showing the game on its big TV screens, and all tickets are free. This is showing how the whole country has been lifted by the teams achievements in the world cup. There is not one welsh person walking the streets of cardiff thinking..Is this our year? it could just be?

So to wrap up this post i would just like to congratulate on the teams success so far, they have achieved more than anyone can imagine. It shows that if you focus and put your mind to it, anything is possible. I hope we do beat France and make it to the final, then hopefully bring the cup home. The players deserve it, and so does Wales! …..Good luck boys! ……Cymru Am Byth!

I weighed again on sunday which is my weekly weighing day and I have lost 1lb. I’m a bit gutted to be honest as I wanted a good run of 2lb losses for the first few weeks. But hey! Beggars can’t be choosers! 1lb loss is better than a gain.

I’ve decided I’m going to fix up my photos on this blog. As many of you in the blogsphere have some awesome shots, which symbolise your body in different stages and mine don’t exactly follow that theme. Haha soo need to dust off my lens and get some snaps done.

I’ve quite enjoyed doing this blog. I’m not normally a fully expressive person when it comes to personal things like my weight problems. I’ve found this blog to help me channel my thoughts and keep focus on what I need to do. An if it also helps someone else along the way then fantastic!!

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Perspective Vision

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As I lost 2.1/2lb last week. My mum gave me a bag if sugar weighing the same weight. I was gobsmacked when I held the sugar in my hand how much it weighs in reality. It really puts things into perspective how much work you put your body through, just by being over weight.

So working out my target weight loss via 1kg bags of sugar that means I will have lost by 28 bags if sugar!. If I split them, put them in a carrier bag, I would not be able to hold 14 bags of sugar per hand.

I think when my mum showed me something physical in weight. It came home to me what a challenge I have, and how desperate I need to start loosing this weight.

Today I starting doing a small exercise routing. Nothing too major or extreme, just a little something to kick start my heart moving. The doctors haven’t agreed for me to do a full gym workout yet. But I am allowed to do a small bit of exercise just to get my heart rate going a ‘little amount’.

So I have been doing 5 Mins on the exercise bike. Now i know its not a lot, but when you do it in one stint, and you have a muscle weakness like mine then 5 mins is adequate as part of a light workout. I also done a small part of a Pilates routine, which had basic stretches using my arms, legs, back, neck. I love doing Pilates, it hurts the first few times but its brilliant for strengthening your body and helping to keep everything loose and oiled.

Ive been doing the bike exercise twice a day and my Pilates routine once a day. I’m not aiming at the moment to loose weight with the exercising department ( although i wouldn’t mind too much if i did) as i want to just start oiling my body’s cogs and start getting my body motivated. So when its time to hit the gym, my body is prepared and motivated enough to handle a physical training regime.

Ive been sticking to mainly drinking just water each day, with a small coffee first thing in the morning. This has been cleaning my body and I feel very fresh. I’ve still been sticking to between 900cal – 1000cal this hasn’t been that hard to stick too. Ive ate roughly what i fancied and so far I’ve had no craving for crisps or chocolate. So things are going right so far….

Over the years of my dieting (on and off) I’ve decided that apps for iPhone or blackberry, DVDs, hypnosis CDs, etc just simply do not work for me. I’m not saying they don’t work, it’s just I always think it’s making more effort for yourself and gives you more unnecessary work to do. Thus making me fall off the wagon and give up on my exercise routine or diet.

Ive found making everything simple helps to keep me to stay focused as i don’t want another job as well as the day job. I’ve found keeping a small chart attached to the wall and tick off how many pounds i lost that week far more better. Filling out an app each day of things I’ve ate, and then the app lists the food wrong so the calorie count is out for the day. Its quite time consuming and bogging you down with reading constantly how much you need to loose.

Whats worked for me, i work out how much i need to loose in total, and then how much i need to loose per week. Then I work out how long it would take the be the target weight, by loosing how many lb per week. I put this data on a chart going up in 1lb per box and across in months. Then i tick off what weight i am at the end of each week so i can see my weight going up and down.

I also work out how many calories i think would be adequate per day. e.g 1000cal. so thats 250cal for breakfast, 250cal for dinner, 500cal for tea. Its not completely set in stone if you go under or over by 100cal or 200cal on one day it won’t hurt. As long as by the end of the week it averages out that you have kept to your calorie plan. This format works for me as it means i can be flexible with what i eat as long as its within my daily allowance. If i fancy some chocolates, or a packet of crisps i can still have a pack depending on my calorie intake of the day.

So if you keep it simple and treat your diet as a lifestyle change and not a chore, do you really need to mundanely fill in an app? or check in at your local website to write how many calories are in a cup of tea?…

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Today was “D” day for me as it was the first time I’ve been weighed while on my diet!. I can confirm the diet is working as this first week of dieting I have lost 2.3lb. Which is good going. I purposely don’t want to loose more than 2lb per week or I can run the risk of putting all the weight I lost back on.


My weight now is 12.11st. This is a major move in the right direction.

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Gym to the beat

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Today i’ve been planning gym sessions and I thought when I hit the gym I need to make sure i got some blood pumping music on the iPod. But that’s where i fail. My favourite style of music is urban so some r&b, Motown, smooth classics the works!. So coming up with an array of uptempo beat’ing type music is unfortunately not my forty.

This is where I need some help from you guys. If you see or hear a song and you think is perfect for the gym then let me know. I don’t mind if it’s a chart seller or a kid making beats from there bedroom, just let me know.

A word of advice nothing too fast (e.g hard house, trance etc) as I’m not fussed on a heart attack from working out too hard. 😉

Slow & Steady

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I’ve decided my calorie intake must be about 1000 per day. On Days when I’m not that busy and I’m sat at the desk all day ill be on a 900 calorie day.

Today consisted of:

non as i got up too late today unfortunately 😦

:: DINNER ::
Ham Salad Sandwich (white bread, cucumber & lettuce) no butter or maiognase
A Small Coffee

:: TEA ::
Roasted Pork Chop with Boiled Potatoes, Carrots, Sweetcorn, Cabbage & Gravy
Glass of water

I haven’t picked on anything so I’m on point today to keep my target under 1000 calories. Ive had numerous glasses of water.